Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Welcome to The Skinner's Guide

Hi! The Skinner's guide is aimed to help you make minecraft skins. It was made because too many people were copying and ripping off others' great works of art. Anyone can make a minecraft skin, but it's not as simple to make it look really effective! This is a beginner's guide to the basics. Feel free to comment on anything, and to incorporate anything you see in the images into your skins.

The Skinner's Guide cannot stress enough that copying others' skins includes changing the colours, adding noise, and creating your skin from 'parts'. These 'parts' have been taken without permission from other people's work for you to use. The same components get boring for people downloading, too.

All of the examples on this page were made in Miners Need Cool Shoes:

(the skin editing section NOT THE ARMOURY). The download page of 'MCSkinEdit' (a skin editor that is not online) can be found


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